Active and Archived Events


There are two types of events within EventBooth. They are: Active and Archived.


Active Events

Active Events are those that are available within the iOS Application. Active events allow you to:

  • Take photos within the iOS Application
  • Edit your Event Details (Name, Description, Date, etc.)
  • Invite People to your Event
  • Manage your events on Facebook and Twitter
  • Manage your Events Photo Strip

Remember, the number of Active events you’re able to manage at once is dependent on your plan type.


Archived Events

Archived Events are those that are no longer available to manage within the iOS Application. Typically, these are events that are no longer current, and have ended. Archived events allow you to:

  • View all Event Photos
  • Download the Event Photos

Depending on which plan type you’re signed up for, Archived Events are stored within the EventBooth Admin for 30-90 days. After this time an event expires, and all event information pertaining to the event, like Details, Social Profiles, and Photo Strips are completely removed by the EventBooth system.  

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