Locking & Unlocking the Menu


Locking the Menu ensures your event settings won't be edited by any other users while using the application.

To Lock the Screen within the EventBooth iPad Application, tap on the "Menu" Button seen in in the top left. This will open the EventBooth Menu, which allows access to Settings, Lock the Screen, or Change Events.


Tap on the "Lock Screen" button.


Enter and confirm your Password, then toggle on the Lock Screen button.

The "Lock Screen" screen and menu will automatically close, and you'll see a lock icon now instead of a menu button. You will now be unable to access the Menu or Settings.



To Unlock

To Unlock the application screen and return to the Menu / Settings, tap on the "Lock" icon, which opens the "Unlock Screen" screen.


Enter your password, and the application menu will now be unlocked.

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