Deleting an Event


Important Note: Once an event is deleted, all information associated with it will be permanently deleted from EventBooth's server, including your event photos, description, and connected social accounts. This can not be undone, so be careful!

To delete an event, browse to the "Event Dashboard" page and click on the checkbox next to the event you'd like to delete.

Once selected, a "Delete Event" button will appear next to the "Create Event" button. Click or tap on the "Delete Event" button to open the confirmation screen.

On the confirmation screen, type the word DELETE into the text field. This will cause a "Delete Event" button to appear. Click or tap the "Delete Event" button to permanently delete all data associated with the event.

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    Once a event is deleted can recreate another event?

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    Michael Hagel

    Yes, but you will need to purchase a new event.

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