Linking an Event to Twitter


To connect an event to your Twitter profile, launch the EventBooth Admin and open the "Event Detail" page for the event.

Under "Manage Social Profiles," click on the switch next to "Link to Twitter".

If you're not logged into Twitter, a pop-up window will open and ask you to login to your Twitter account.

Once you're logged in, Twitter will ask you to Authorize EventBooth to post to your Twitter timeline. Click "Authorize app".

To automatically share your photos as they're taken with the EventBooth iOS app, click on the Auto Post switch. If the switch is turned to "On," the photo will automatically upload after it's taken. If the switch is turned to "Off," the photo will not be posted automatically.

Depending on the plan type you're subscribed to, you can also edit the Status Message that will be posted along with the Event Photo.



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